Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How to Add a Blog RSS to your MSN Sympatico MyPage.

How to Add a Blog RSS to your MSN Sympatico MyPage.

For those of you that have Hotmail with MSN Sympatico and My Page the process of adding an RSS feed is simple.

1. Go to MSN Sympatico or Hotmail or use the myMSN link

2. Log in using your proper ID

3. You will see a MyPage link on top left - click on this to open your MyPage.

4. When your welcome page is open click on "Add Content".

5. A MyPage - Change Content - Web Page Dialog pops up.

6. Click on the tab labeled Search - this opens a Search for Content form.

7. Paste the URL for the feed into "search for content" form.
This is an example URL for an atom RSS feed.

8. click on the green arrow to the right.

9. A confirmation box lists the Blog title and feed - click OK at the bottom of page.

10. My Page re-opens - check to see if your RSS Feed is listed

11. Click on the new RSS Feed Link with the Blog Title and Story title.

12. That is it - success - you can read RSS Feeds

MSN has made the process of reading Blogs very easy by bringing the recent posts to your MyPage.

The Three ESL in Canada Blogs can be added by pasting the URL into the "Search for Content" form. You have to add them one at a time.



ESL in Canada News, information articles, reports, opinions, observations, warnings for English ESL students, teachers, agents, homestays and schools



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