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ESL in Canada English Camps

ESL in Canada English Immersion Camps

ESL in Canada English Immersion Camps for Corporations, NGO's and Schools in Asia, South Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia or in the USA and Canada. The ESL in Canada English immersion camps are 100% English Immersion Camp programs which includes the English classes, academic subjects, sports, arts and crafts, activities and performance presentations.

ESL in Canada has an 18-year history of providing ESL English programs in Canada, USA, Mexico and Korea. This is an excellent opportunity for corporations, NGO's or schools to provide a high quality education experience for employees, students, contest winners or premium customers.

ESL in Canada has provided English teaching services to a wide variety of executives, students and vacation campers. Clients include Mercedes, Siemens, L'Oreal, KOTRA, Samsung, Daiwoo Securities, Dongbu Construction, Deakyo, SBS, KBS Ibest and KT Power English.

The English immersion camp programs are designed to meet corporate goals for price or quality. The teaching responsibilities, schedules, content, activities, tours, and locations can be designed into the English immersion programs.

ESL in Canada has prepared English immersion programs for:

- elementary, middle and high school students ages 10 to 17

- USA and Canada college and J1 exchange preparation programs

ESL in Canada provides the highest quality certified professional teachers, excellent textbooks and workbooks, integrated activities programs within a proven and effective English immersion program. The ESL in Canada Camps provide superior English grammar, pronunciation, conversation, writing, listening and reading skills training.

To Contact ESL in Canada Corporate English Immersion Camps:

Toronto Office: 1 (416) 608 4194

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ASIA Camp Videos and Pictures

Pictures of ESL in Canada 2001 Kaifeng University, Kaifeng China

2003 ESL in Canada English Winter Camp Videos

Amity and Tim planning for Magic show presentation

Reading comprehension with Amanda

Reading and pronunciation with Alexandra

Arts and Crafts with Adam and Unis

Diary writing with Amity and Alexandra

2003 Wintercamp teachers introductions

English Singing Class Presentations

Amity and Walter with Class 3 Presentation Song

English Listening Exercises

Wintercamp Teachers singing YMCA

2002 ESL in Canada English Summer Camp Videos

Introduction to Aerobics Exercise

Ona referees basketball game between Class 1 and 2

English Pronunciation exercises with Ona

English Pronunciation exercises with Catherine

Michael introduces Geography in English

Michael and Catherine with Shrek 2 Presentation

Summercamp Teachers sing at Nori Ban Night

Playing in Mountain streams during afternoon hike

ESL in Canada English Camp Pictures

Pictures of ESL in Canada 2002 Korea Summer Camp - Teachers

Pictures of ESL in Canada 2002 Korea Summer Camp - Students

Pictures of ESL in Canada 2003 SBSi Winter Camp Cheong Pyeong

Pictures of ESL in Canada 2003 DAEWOO Premium Summer Camp

Pictures of ESL in Canada 2003 Korea English Summer Camp

Pictures of ESL in Canada 2004 SBSi Winter Camp Cheong Pyeong

Pictures of ESL in Canada 2004 Dongbu Gwangju Summer Camp

Pictures ESL in Canada at 2005 KBS Media Asan Winter Camp

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