Sunday, February 04, 2007

New Designs for TLC Network Club and Sentencemaster Websites

New TLC Network Club ID Card

The New Travel Language Culture Network Club Card will help students obtain language training, shopping and travel discounts, special group discounts and access to events and activities for TLC Club members. TLC is negotiating with national, regional and local suppliers to obtain club recognition for group discounts and benefits. Watch for news announcements.

TLC Network Club Recommendations

The TLC Network Club will organize special member group prices, special events and activities to help provide visitors with both fun and educational programs. Networking Club recommendations will assist club members with travel, immigration, employment, shopping, homestay and professional services.

The TLC Network Club will publish the recommendations based on their on-site inspections, research, analysis, expert evaluations and industry comparisons. We will try to establish a fair and open criteria from the consumer point of view.

Go to our Recommendations Page
to see the initial information and recommendations.

Network Club Language Exchange

The Network Club organizes ESL English language exchanges, fun activities and seminars for ESL English and international students, language students, new Canadians, visitors to Canada, student interns and volunteers to practice English and international language skills, meet new friends and enjoy life in Toronto, Canada.

Go to our Language Exchange Page and join the ESL in Canada Language Exchange programs.

Welcome to Sentence Master Games

English writing is now more important than ever before. The Internet has enabled millions of people to communicate in writing via email, BBS forums and text messaging. Having the ability to communicate correctly and efficiently is now more important than ever. The old formula of 90% oral and 10% writing has morphed to about 60% oral and 40% writing for most professions. To succeed in the professional digital age correct English writing is mandatory.

Go to our new Sentence Master website: Sentence Master

ESL in Canada Blogs

ESL in Canada News Blog

ESL in Canada News, information, reports, opinions, observations, warnings, alerts, specials, events, gossip, explanations, announcements, recommendations, advice, stories and just plain talk for ESL English teachers and students.

(TLC) Travel Language Culture Network Club

Travel Language Culture Network Club will organize special member group prices, special events and activities to help provide visitors with both fun and educational programs. Network Club recommendations will assist club members with travel, language, culture, immigration, employment, shopping, homestay and professional services.

Learn English Blog

Learn English Blog provides free ESL English learning lessons, sample information, examples, definitions, links and resources for ESL English language students.

Street Talk English Survival Tips

Street Talk lives moves changes dodges emotes evolves excites informs hides comforts calms grows dies fades infuriates alarms discourages encourages frustrates motivates divides separates joins unites groups paints identifies and triggers users.

Teach English Blog

Teach English Blog will feature articles, observations, comments, examples and advice for potential, new and experienced ESL English Teachers.

Jobs and Career Training

FREE Jobs and Career Training Blog for international professionals interested in working or career training in Canada. Topics will include: Visa news, job openings, criteria for work permits, criteria for health and medical clearances, criteria for language proficiency, history of criminal activity requirements, employment standards within Canada, education and work experience skills and technical ability requirements, English and French language training, jobs skills training, internships and work experience programs.

My Canada Life

Every year thousands of international students discover Canada. Huge mountains, vast plains, sparkling waters and diverse multi-culturalism spark wonder. Read their stories.

My Canada Travels

Canada Travel stories, advice, tips to save time and money.

Virtual Cocoon

Virtual Cocoon is my life, lifestyle and explorations in the WWW.


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Sentence Master
Sentence Master Games provide a fun practical hands-on learning experience that will help students write English sentences, practice their English grammar and improve their English writing style.

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