Monday, March 19, 2007

New Grammar Summary on CD

Grammar Summary CD Index

Regular Sentence Master game playing will help you choose the correct English words and how to use them accurately when constructing English sentences. You can also order the complete Sentence Master Grammar Reference CD for additional explanations and examples.

Chapter A: Introduction to the Eight Parts of Speech
Chapter B: Introduction to Sentence Structure and Punctuation
Chapter C: Intermediate Sentence Structure
Chapter D: Intermediate Nouns and Pronouns
Chapter E: Intermediate Verbs and Verb forms
Chapter F: Intermediate Adjectives
Chapter G: Intermediate Adverbs
Chapter H: Intermediate Prepositions
Chapter I: Intermediate Conjunctions
Chapter J: Intermediate Present Tenses
Chapter K: Intermediate Past Verb Tenses
Chapter L: Intermediate Future Verb Tenses
Chapter M: Advanced Articles, Determiners, and Quantifiers
Chapter N: Advanced Modals and Modal Forms
Chapter O: Advanced Conditionals
Chapter P: Advanced Phrasal Verbs
Chapter Q: Symbolic and Figurative Expressions
Chapter R: Collocations
Chapter S: Advanced Grammar Glossary "A to L"
Chapter T: Advanced Grammar Glossary "M to Z"
Vocabulary: Beginner 1000 words categorized by Parts of Speech
Vocabulary: Beginner 1000 Word Families
Vocabulary: Intermediate 1000 Word Families
Vocabulary: Advanced 3000 EAP Words by Subject
Vocabulary: Advanced Idioms "A to Z"

To order the Grammar Summary CD by Mail Order:

$15.00 USA Dollars by American Express Travelers Cheque

Payable to: 797519 Ontario Ltd.

20 Bloor Street East
P O Box 75117
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4W 3T3

All shipping and handling fees are included.
All international orders are GST and PST exempt.





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