Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sentence Master TV Game Show Contests

Sentence Master English Writing Games are in the development process for a TV Game Show.

The Sentence Master TV Game Show is being initially tested and designed for three categories in the City of Toronto Elementary, High School and LINC schools.

The Sentence Master TV Game Show will be scheduled as a 30 minute elimination match.

The Sentence Master TV Game Show contestants will be introduced as representatives of their school and play 5 sessions during the 30 minute match.

The Sentence Master TV Game Show match winner will move onto the next championship round and the loser will proceed to the consolation rounds.

The projected start dates are October and depending on the number of participating schools in each of the three categories finish dates will be sometime May-June.

Sentence Master Games are designing special 2500 word TV Game versions for the elementary and LINK players to practice at home along with a 4000 word TV Game version for the High School students.

Sometime in the near future Sentence Master Games will complete their design for a 8000 word TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and College Board AP TV Game Show version for students applying for university admission or immigration candidates studying for English skill tests.

To inquire about Sentence Master TV Game Show Sponsorship or Prize Information please contact the Business Services department using the new Business Registration Form.

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