Saturday, February 14, 2009

Create Study English Podcasts with Gcast

My new favorite pod-creating tool is Simply call Gcast at the 888 toll free phone number. When connected you are prompted - start talking and your podcast is recorded. When you are finished, you can press "1" - listen to your podcast and then decide whether or not to publish it. If you choose to publish, your podcast episode is posted to your Gcast account. You can then choose the player colour and get the HTML code for posting on blogs or virtual community pages.

Here is my first attempt: The text is below

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The ESL in Canada Overview

The "ESL in Canada Directory" website is a work-in-process for our students to practice their English skills and gain practical hands-on internet and computer work experience.

Our Philosophy
We can change the world for the better. How we change the world is just as important as the goals we hope to accomplish. Promote ethical business providing real services and honest information.

Our Policy

Encourage ESL learning in cooperative environments and the real world with native English speakers as the language retention will be longer lasting and useful. Encourage self-learning using the modern technologies available and Modern "Accelerated Learning" English language strategies and methods. Promote Canada and the many unique benefits of learning English in Canada with Canadians. Promote professional development and cooperation within the ESL education profession.

The Parameters

Provide comparative information from the consumer education position. Conduct active research in person to accurately report situations. Enable ESL students to participate with all of the various projects.

Our Projects include: Publishing the SENTENCE MASTER Games, the New ESL in Canada Student Survival Guide.

The Canada Programs include: Business Internships, Executive English and Business English Programs and English Camps for kids in Canada.

Our International Programs include: English Immersion Camps, International teacher tours and student tours.

We are still expanding the TLC Student Network Club and we are promoting International jobs for Canadian teachers.

Come and visit us at


ESL in Canada BLOG URL

ESL in Canada Directory of ESL English schools teachers tutors classes lessons university colleges high schools, Canadian ESL English as a second language study programs, Business English classes, education coaching and consulting services, homestay, visas, study information and advice across Canada, North America

The Travel Language Culture Network organizes special student education events and activities to help provide visitors with both fun and informative programs. TLC recommendations assists students with schools, visas, travel, language, culture, immigration, employment, shopping, homestay and professional services.

Sentence Master Games helps students write English sentences, practice their English grammar and improve their English writing.

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