Sunday, December 02, 2012

New 2013 Online Education Consultant Training Program

Do you like to help people?

Has anyone helped you in the past?
Did you get a job or get ahead because of your school training or school marks?
Did you get a job or get ahead because of your international experience or training?

Did you learn when you travelled overseas?

Did you enjoy your travel?
Maybe being an international education consultant is the perfect full or part time profession for you.
ESL in Canada is offering an online Education Consulting Training Program to individuals located internationally.
Education Consultants will be able to work as part of the ESL in Canada Consulting Team.
Education Consultants will be trained to assist international students with placement, registration, admissions, student visa, accommodation and medical insurance applications for student entry into ESL Language, high school and post-secondary IT, university, college, or vocational programs in Canada, some USA, UK and other English speaking schools.

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