Saturday, January 21, 2017

Designing New User Service and Information Organization

New designs for organizations or new designs for services in existing industries always creates praise or attacks.

There are the simple observers who like or hate change and act based on emotion or personal preferences.

There are the industry participants who act with their own agenda and act with their own personal or professional interests at heart and will promote or attack anything new based on whether it helps their profits or eliminates them.

My first assumption is that the planet economy is in a globalization phase within the information age.

During the first 25 years of the global internet "information" is available however the vast majority has been corrupted by the self-interest of well-meaning but flawed individuals all the way to the truly insane attempting to destroy everything in existence.

All information now requires quality control. What is said - what does it mean - what are the influences - can it be verified - is it universally true or does it have limitations - how can I use the information - is the information 100 % or 10% applicable to me.

I am attempting to design accurate qualified information that can be used in the proper proportions by individuals "users" who use information to buy products and services.

The globalization process will be the availability of the information in a utilizable format around the world.

More updates as we complete sections in the process.

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