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Advice for students to be smart consumers. Most English School marketing programs are designed to sell international students on the wonders of foreign travel and benefits of learning English in a foreign country.

Fraud in Education. Frauds are created using false information or omitting certain factual details. Fraud can occur with one lie or a series of misrepresentations designed to deceive. The most usual fraud results in a financial loss ie: paying for a service that is not received or providing a service and not getting paid.

Canada FAQS for students Frequently Asked Questions About Canada. This is a summary of the questions most often asked. Read this list first.

Questions students should Ask. Students should ask questions to avoid problems and misunderstandings. Questions should be answered fully by school representatives or agents. Remember if your contract is not in writing then you may have no chance to change your school or program or get a refund.

Student Testimonials Speak with students who already had been in Canada to study, or for an internship program. Do not pay for everything in advance, there is a 90% chance that you will change something after your first month in Canada. Pay for one month at a time.

Learn from Maps Maps offer ESL students with an excellent format for learning English. Students can learn and use both concrete and difficult abstract concepts when learning English with maps.

Canada Student VISA Information Canada Student Visa Information, Forms and Links Go directly to the Canadian government for student visa information. You can apply directly and do not require an agent or legal advisor to complete the student visa application form.

How to score HIGH on the NEW TOEFL TOEIC, AP, Cambridge, IELTS English Tests

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Articles for ESL Teachers includes TESL, TEFL, CELTA, TESOL Teacher Training programs in Canada, Questions to ask yourself, the World has changed for ESL Teachers, introduction to Accreditation, introduction to TPR - Teaching Methodology, introduction to Accelerated Learning Strategies, ESL Web Teaching Resources and web Sites for ESL English Teachers and English Literature Resources and Web Sites for Teachers.