Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mission Impossible Challenge

We have finally discovered the mission impossible challenge for 2006.

Finding corporations, non-profits or NGO's that will sponsor an educational event that helps normal children enjoy learning, encourages self-improvement and rewards the children for hard work and creativity.

The "Challenge" seems to be finding corporations, non-profits or NGO's that will put any money into education.

Sentence Master Contests
Sentence Master will be organizing contests by age, city, region and national finals with prizes and scholarships available for winners. Set rules and scoring will be announced. Please contact Sentence Master to provide sponsorship or prizes.
sentencemaster (at) eslincanada (dot) com

Sentence Master Introduction
Sentence Master is the first fully designed interactive ESL communicative-methodology writing game that facilitates the learning of the parts of speech, phrases, clauses and complete sentences.

Sentence Master has four levels available for elementary, middle school, high school and adults. The Sentence Master game will help students practice grammar knowledge and writing skills. Regular Sentence Master game playing will increase literacy from beginner to fluency levels.

The Sentence Master games are structured to provide a fully interactive, fun and educational experience for players of all ages and ability levels. The levels of difficulty are structured to be challenging for all ages and all language proficiencies.

The Sentence Master game is fully compatible for use in communicative ESL teaching formats and group work. This Sentence Master game is designed to allow communicative group interaction during writing and grammar skills instruction and provides fun applications of all grammar skills.

The basic Sentence Master 1000+ most essential English word version is of special importance to elementary students and ESL students. The game will provide opportunities to practice all the basic writing skills.

Special Sentence Master game versions and themes will include terms and vocabulary for computers, sports, environment, movies and current events.

Sentence Master games can be used to instruct and reinforce grammar rules and can be adjusted by teachers to cover specific grammar modules and topics.

for more info go to:


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