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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Headlines are Important

News Vocabulary

News is reported in printed newspapers, magazines and through television, radio, wire services, and web broadcasters.

There are many categories of NEWS.

Breaking News is featured "LIVE" as broadcast and cable news services use online satellite technology to bring current events to their audience live as it happens.

Extreme weather is always considered as news. The daily weather is typically presented by an experienced meteorologist or weather presenter and is packaged within the news.

Sports news is a never ending storey of predictions, observations, speculations, actual results, almost results, sidebars, personalities, money, and actual sports highlights.

Business news is typically presented by a specialist and covers a wide range of activities. The business news could cover local, regional, national or international companies, industries or entire economies.

Celebrities are now packaged as news makers when they promote themselves or their projects.

Most printed newspapers feature a very large headline on their front page.

The bold headline dramatically describes the biggest news of the day.

A headline is text at the top of most printed articles. The headline indicates or features the nature of the following article.

Most print formats keep headlines brief and this leads to unintentional double meanings, if not double entendres.

Many internet portals have used the word headlines to describe summary statements of the days most important or most popular stories.

Headlines are even packaged as a gadget to increase web traffic to affiliate websites. This from the CBC: Affiliates can receive up to three headlines per category, choosing from various news and information categories, such as: Regional, Canadian and International news, Health and Science, Sports and more.

Headline mistakes are used on Jay Leno's show for comedy.


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