Saturday, September 19, 2020

2020 Online ESL English Classes

There is online self-learning where the participant types or speaks reacting to questions, exercises, pronunciation drills etc.

There are online classes that are interactive where all participants are watching a screen and using a camera to join any discussion, ask or answer questions.

All self-learning lessons and interactive online classes operate within the limits of the software, equipment, technology and user expertise.

In a COVID infected world online self-learning and online interactive classes are better than nothing.

An example of self-learning are the free Sentencemaster vocabulary exercises.

There are only three articles used in the English language: "a, an, the".
Select the correct article(s) to complete the sentence.
2. ___ children knew ___ faster way home.

For hundreds of FREE online self-learning ESL English language exercises go to: Sentencemaster Page Directory

Examples of online interactive classes can be found in the ESL in Canada Silver and Gold Programs.

GoTo: For additional information about the online English classes

You can email your questions to ESL in Canada.