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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Canada Course for Education Agents is Fixed

As part of our 2018 ESL in Canada Website updates we are checking the accuracy of our information and re-setting the pages to render better on phones and tablets.

We started to check the Education Agent Training info as promoted :

Welcome to the Canada Course for Education Agents

The Canada Course supports professional development for agents specializing in Canada as a study destination and is offered by ICEF, 

Languages Canada and the Canadian Association of Public Schools International (CAPS-I), with the support of the Canadian Consortium for International Education (CCIE).

This was our complaint in 2018

With two major mistakes on the first two pages - we are not wasting any further time with this so-called test or certification. I now understand why the Canadian government removed any affiliation with this process  !!!! We withdraw our recommendation until this is fixed and every agent who "passed" this test with the wrong information is sent a correction.

We went back to the test and study information and found the major and minor complaints were fixed.

For education agents that have never travelled to Canada this study program is a good introduction to the various organizations that have regulatory jurisdiction, SRO organizations, and information resources that provide auxiliary information to travel, and study.

The test is not worthy of being an accreditation - only an introduction !!!!

The education agents will have to invest lots of time to evaluate the 55 universities in Canada and their 15,000 courses, the 160 colleges and institutes and their 17,000 courses and the over 200 language schools and their 3,000 courses available.

The education agents will have to spend lots of time to understand the student candidates - there are thousands of variables which make each student unique.

Specialization is the best method of providing the indepth knowledge and understanding that is really required to help the student choose the best country, city, school, program and courses.

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