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ESL in Canada November 2001 News

1. New Advisor & Mentor programs
2. New Career Training Programs
3. Changes in the Canada and USA Student Visa procedures

2002 will bring a time of change for the ESL in Canada operations.

The internet operations will be changed to provide for a larger,
faster and more professional site. We are in the process of
switching our webhost and will be complete by the end of November

The ESL Coop School will be providing opportunities for ESL students
to complete projects to practice and perfect their Business English.
The projects will include the new homestay, tutor and schools data
bases and webpages. The ESL in Canada information pages to assist
international students with facts and procedures to ease their
travels to Canada. ESL coop student will practice their English,
internet, and HTML skills. The other ESL Coop School projects will
include engineering, law, accounting, corporate finance, investments,
marketing, research and administration.

The new Mentor program will be for individuals located in Canada.
This program will be for tutors, teachers, homestay hosts and service
providers to assist international students while in Canada. The
assistance can be teaching ESL to program selection to career
analysis to finding an apartment to selecting which tour to take
visiting Canadian attractions.

The Advisor program will remain for individuals located outside of
Canada. The program will continue to assist students into Canada and
the initial schools and residences.

Both Mentor and Advisor programs will be expanded from the basic ESL
and academic streams to include new career schools, trades, and
computers and other services available to international students.

ESL in Canada is exited about the opportunity to enable and empower
ESL teachers and tutors into their own businesses. ESL in Canada
will assist with administration, programs and marketing. Small
Business Tax Laws in Canada allow owners significant advantages. Ask
us for information.

Working with Advisors and Mentors will enable ESL and international
students to excel and maximize their learning opportunities while in
Canada. Going to the best school and best program and best teachers
will provide the best education value for the students. The Advisors
and Mentors will be able to participate in the overall success of
their students and be financially rewarded for their contributions.
ESL in Canada believes the Advisors, Mentors and Teachers are the
driving force of education and they should be rewarded for their

We want dedicated educators and service providers to join our team -
lets start the evolution of international education.

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