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Welcome to Sentence Master Games

Welcome to Sentence Master Games

Writing is now more important than ever before. The Internet has enabled millions of people to communicate in writing via email, BBS forums and text messaging. Having the ability to communicate correctly and efficiently is now more important than ever. The old formula of 90% oral and 10% writing has morphed to about 60% oral and 40% writing for most professions. To succeed in the professional digital age correct writing is mandatory.

Sentence Master Games for Students

Sentence Master provides a fun practical hands-on learning experience that will help students practice their English grammar and improve their writing.

Sentence Master has four levels available for elementary, middle school, high school and adults. The Sentence Master game will help students practice grammar applications and writing skills. Regular Sentence Master game playing will increase literacy from beginner to fluency levels.

The basic Sentence Master 1000+ most essential English word version is of special importance to elementary students and ESL students. The game will provide opportunities to practice all the basic writing skills.

Special Sentence Master game versions and themes will include terms and vocabulary for computers, sports, environment, movies and current events.

Sentence Master Games for Teachers

Sentence Master is the first writing game that facilitates and reinforces the learning of: the parts of speech, phrases, clauses and complete sentences.

The Sentence Master games are structured to provide full interactive English communicative-methodology educational experiences for all game players. The levels of difficulty are structured to be challenging for all ages and all English language proficiencies.

Sentence Master games can be used to instruct and reinforce grammar rules and can be adjusted by teachers to cover specific grammar modules and topics. Using the Sentence Master Games will enable English teachers to focus grammar lessons on specific lessons, rules or topics.

The Sentence Master game is fully compatible for use in communicative ESL teaching formats and group work. Sentence Master Games are designed to allow communicative group interaction during writing and grammar skills instruction and provides fun applications of all grammar skills. Using Sentence Master will provide students with the ability to practice, practice and practice again all the variables necessary to construct proper sentences.

Sentence Master Game Rules

All players must agree to game version rules before starting.

Rules are set for versions to increase challenge, create flexibility and diversity. Players or teachers can adjust the rules to reinforce specific grammar lessons.

The play sessions can be timed. Players of different levels can be awarded extra time for the sessions to "level the playing field". An example: Beginners 4 minutes, Intermediate 3 minutes, Advanced 2 minutes.

Beginner Sentence Master Games can be played with a set number of words.

Intermediate Sentence Master Games can be played with a set number of words, shared words or with number dice to create variable numbers of words.

Advanced Sentence Master Games can be played with a set number of words, number combinations, penalties, shared words and bonus sentences. Special challenge games allow the players to pass three to five words to the next player on the right after each session.

The words have different versions available for use in the sentences. Some verbs can be used in the past, present or future tense. Some nouns can be in the plural or singular form. Combinations are for advanced players and must be used exactly as shown.

Use the Sentence Master Grammar Text and formats to judge if sentences meet the criteria as an acceptable sentence. Players or a "sentence judge" must determine if a sentence is acceptable and can be included in the score.

Sentence Master scoring has to be agreed to in advance by all players.

Scoring can be a combination of one point for each word used, bonus points for complete sentences, clauses or phrases. Bonus points can be awarded for specific sentence constructions. Scoring can also include bonus points for using all words and penalties for unused words. For advanced players and games an incorrect sentence can be completely eliminated as a score or an incomplete sentence can be edited by removing some of the words to form an acceptable complete sentence with a reduced score.

Sentence Master Game Contests

Sentence Master Games will be organizing contests by age, city, region and national finals with prizes and scholarships available for winners. Set rules and scoring will be announced.

Please contact ESL in Canada to provide Sentence Master Game Contests sponsorship or prizes. For additional Sentence Master Game Information please contact the new ESL in Canada advertising and promotion department:
Sentence Master Game email

ESL in Canada and Sentence Master Games offer educational internships to international ESL English students to provide real Canadian business working experience.

Sentence Master Game copyrights, privileges owned by JR McBride.

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Sentence Master
Sentence Master Games provide a fun practical hands-on learning experience that will help students write English sentences, practice their English grammar and improve their English writing style.

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