Sunday, February 18, 2007

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English writing is now more important than ever before. The Internet has enabled millions of people to communicate in writing via email, BBS forums and text messaging. Having the ability to communicate correctly and efficiently is now more important than ever. The old formula of 90% oral and 10% writing has morphed to about 60% oral and 40% writing for most professions. To succeed in the professional digital age correct English writing is mandatory.

Sentence Master Games for Students

Sentence Master provides a fun practical hands-on learning experience that will help students practice their English grammar and improve their writing.

Sentence Master has four levels available for elementary, middle school, high school and adults. The Sentence Master game will help students practice English grammar applications and writing skills. Regular Sentence Master game playing will increase English literacy from beginner to fluency levels.

The basic Sentence Master 1000+ most essential English word version is of special importance to elementary students and ESL students. The game will provide opportunities to practice all the basic English writing skills.

Special Sentence Master game versions and themes will include terms and vocabulary for computers, sports, environment, movies and current events.

New Sentence Master Blog


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Sentence Master
Sentence Master Games provide a fun practical hands-on learning experience that will help students write English sentences, practice their English grammar and improve their English writing style.

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