Sunday, June 10, 2007

B.C. cracks down on private schools

The Toronto Star, Globe, Canada Press Headline reads:
B.C. Cracks down on Private Schools

The story continues with various comments:

BC Advanced Education Minister Murray Coell said Thursday the new rules will take effect this September.

New Democrat Rob Fleming criticized the regulations as "too little too late" and "half-measures" that will do nothing to help swindled students.

Confederation of University Faculty Associations of B.C. president Chris Petter stated that only a handful of private schools have been involved in improprieties.

The scandals prompted complaints from Indian and Chinese consuls, and China warned students to avoid Canadian private post-secondary schools because of shady operators.

The headlines should read:
Foreign organized criminals use Canada to defraud Chinese and Indian nationals.

The story should read:

Small groups of Chinese and Indian criminals posing as education consultants, agents and schools lure unsuspecting victims into buying an education from un-accredited universities, colleges and ESL schools. The foreign criminals set up the local consulting firms in India and China and the schools in Canada.

The story should read that the money paid to these criminals never leaves China or India. The money is divided up amongst the foreign criminals. The small office posing as a school in Canada is the scape goat. It is set up as a bad school deliberatly so the foreign criminals have a foreign organization to blame. The foreign criminals all act innocent stating that it is the schools fault, it is Canada's fault. This is all an elaborate scam for foreign criminals to escape detection and prosecution.

The students who arrive in Canada are victims of Chinese and Indian criminals who want them dumped into Canada where their only option is to chase after a school that has been set up as a front.

Canada is a double victim in this process. Canada is blamed for bad schools and bad regulation and then has to deal with the angry and swindled students. The foreign criminals have all escaped and live in luxury outside of Canada.

This problem can be solved very easy using lessons learned from the many swindles that took place in the investment, fitness and travel industries.

1. require licenses to set up any type of school
2. require an insurance bond equal to the outstanding tuitions
3. require full tuition deposits go to the school
4. require all school agents be registered, licensed and bonded
5. Canadian school staff to include a Canadian certified principal
6. Canadian school staff to include a head teacher with a faculty of education degree

The small license fees would pay for the extra provincial administration and if done properly would probably triple the number of foreign students coming to Canada to study.

And yes I am more than happy to help set up this program.


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