Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ESL in Canada News

Some interesting "2008" facts for ESL English teachers, schools and students. The world has definitely changed since September 11, 2001. Overseas travel is still down 20% (7 years later). Teachers interested in Middle East positions has declined 75%.

Good News for ESL Teachers

Worldwide demand for English language training has increased by over 15%.

Samsung uses English as the head office language in Korea

China needs another 200,000 English speakers for the 2008 Olympics

China announced "Bad English" is no longer acceptable in Beijing especially during the Olympics.

China wants 300,000,000 English speakers by the year 2020.

Worldwide requests for overseas teachers up 300%.

Teachers' salary in China - 2001 was $2500 RMB now is $7,500 RMB up 300%.

Bad News for the ESL Industry

Estimated % of individuals using fake certificates to get overseas jobs 70%

Best estimate for fake certificates sold in Asia to native English speakers since 1980: 142,000 and non-native English teachers 1,500,000.

Number of Asian agents selling fake University certificates and degrees charged: 3. Yes finally in Canada the OPP raided a very large scale Chinese forgery operation that specialized in Canadian University and College Degree sales to foreigners.

Unfortunately Canadians who have worked years to obtain a coveted Canadian University degree will have their hard work diminished by the lazy, incompetent, screw-ups who get jobs using fake Canadian credentials and then mess up.

As the value of University degrees plummets because of fake degrees - This makes life very difficult for real university degree holders to prove they are a university graduate, took the listed courses and can perform.

Most real Canadian University graduates have over $20,000 in student loan debt and having their investment in a university education diminished by criminals is a double blow.

Cost of fake degree, TESL certificate, transcripts and special university hotline phone number to "verify fake degrees": $600.

Estimated % of worldwide illegal ESL language schools that are not properly registered, licensed or operating will illegal teachers: 65%.

In the mad rush to get a good TOEFL score before the speaking section becomes mandatory - the cost for a Korean pro test writer to create fake ID and write a 600 score: $1,500 USA. The cost to bribe a Chinese TOEFL test proctor to complete your test (increasing your score) after the exam: $10,000 RMB.

Most obvious nonsense ESL school ads: good looking English teachers to teach older gentlemen English at their home during the evenings.

Most brutal stories of Middle East ESL teacher mistreatment include: locked up in apartments with no food, water or heat, strip searches, robbery, assaults, death threats.

Most evil fraud: using J1 program to send underage prostitutes to the USA.

During 2007 two big sex pervert cases were splashed all over the Media. One was a Canadian ESL teacher arrested in Thailand for sex crimes. The second was a BC man (one of 37 the other 36 were Americans) in another child porn sweep and the only one featured on the USA national news.

Again ESL teachers involved in international sex crimes creates real problems for the honest hard working dedicated teachers and casts an extra cloud of suspicion and distrust.

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