Sunday, November 23, 2008

Reinventing Strategic Planning Workshop

Banff, Alberta, Canada, December 3-5, 2008

The Reinventing Strategic Planning Workshop provides the steps and processes needed to establish a process that will help you and your entire organization to collectively develop that vision and develop a path to achieve it.

You'll learn how to quickly become a business leader.

This workshop is designed for CEOs, and Senior Executives of firms, organizations, and business units. Others who can benefit from this workshop are chief learning officers, training directors and managers, strategic planners, business development specialists, project managers, and OD professionals.

Haines Centre for Strategic Management
1420 Monitor Road
San Diego, CA 92110-1545
Phone: 619-275-6528
Co-Sponsored by:
University of San Diego
Division of Continuing Education

Choose up to 2 Executive summary articles below for FREE ($10 value each) Articles may be ordered through Systems Thinking Press

Module 1: Systems Thinking / Culture of Performance Excellence
Article Titles
Enhancing Your Strategic IQ
Becoming a Strategic Thinker
Leading Cultural Change
Systems Thinking: The Winning Formula

Module 2: Reinventing Strategic Planning
Article Titles
The ABCs of Strategic Management
Reinventing Strategic Planning

Module 3: Enterprise-Wide Change
Article Titles
Smart Start to Enterprise-Wide Change
The Rollercoaster of Change

Module 4: creating the people edge
Article Titles
Strategic Career and Life Planning
Creating the People/HR Edge

Module 5: Achieving leadership excellence
Article Titles
Leadership Development: The Bankrupt Art
Systems Solutions vs. Problem Solving

Module 6: becoming customer-focused
Article Titles
The Fundamentals of Strategic Marketing and Sales Management
Common Sense Selling

Module 7: Aligning Your Delivery
Article Titles
The Learning Organization
Strategic Project Management

Module 8: creating Customer Value
Article Titles
Creating Customer Value
Customer Focused Positioning


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