Monday, June 01, 2009

TESOL France Professional Development Day

Addressing New and Emerging Approaches in Professional Development

Several topics will be explored such as:
Continuing Education Activities,
How to have an IBET Certificate,
Management of Professors,
the State of ELT in France as well as others.

Plenary Speaker

Jeremy Harmer the world-renowned author of The Practice of English Language Teaching, will be our Plenary Speaker during the TESOL France June Day on Professional Development.

Plenary Session

Watching Teachers Watch Themselves

This session focuses on issues of teacher development before reporting on (and showing extracts) of a teacher filming project where teachers were invited to view clips of their own teaching and were then asked the 'why' question to tease out their own reflections and beliefs about how they taught - and how they view teaching in general. Originally designed as material for trainers and trainees, this procedure points the way to an effective way of personal growth and teacher self-awareness - but is it for everyone?

Jeremy Harmer has written The Practice of English Language Teaching as well as How to Teach English (now in its second edition), a book which has provided the template for the How to series of methodology books published by Pearson. Jeremy has travelled to various countries around the world talking about language teaching. One of his main delights is working and networking with teachers on these visits and learning that despite the many differences between our specific situations, teachers all over the world have basically the same aspirations, share the same concerns, wrestle with the same sets of problems and rejoice in the same kind of success.

This all-day event will take place on June 20, 2009 at Télécom ParisTech. This TESOL Professional Day is free for you if you are a member or an institutional member (which gives you four free entrances). If you are not a member, the cost is 25 euros. This day is also free if you have a coupon for this day from *PEARSON*.

Memberships can be obtained on the day.

TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) France, is a non-profit organization of teachers of English in France. Its purposes are to stimulate professional development, to disseminate information about research, books and other materials related to English, and to strengthen instruction and research. We regularly organize high quality events which are opportunities to keep up-to-date with current trends in teaching, to share knowledge and experiences and to meet and network with other teachers.

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