Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Re-Imagining TESOL - EV Special Events

TESOL 2010 “Re-imagining TESOL” March 25-27, 2010

Call for Proposals

You are invited to submit a proposal for participation in one or more of the CALL Interest Section’s Electronic Village Special Events. More than one proposal from the same individual may be accepted based upon space availability.

Deadline for Submissions is November 15, 2009

Proposals are being accepted for the following EV Special Events:


EV Fairs are informal demonstrations where teachers or teacher-developers share their use of technology resources.


Hardware fairs focus on uses of devices other than computers that offer unique applications such as iPods or Tablet PC. They provide presenters with two consecutive 25-minute sessions to demonstrate their hardware applications.


The EV Mini-workshops are limited-seating ticketed events that provide short presentations followed by hands-on experience.


The Developers’ Showcase is an opportunity for ESOL teachers and curriculum/course designers to demonstrate new and original computer applications.

To access more detailed descriptions of all events and a proposal submission form, go to

Thank you for submitting a proposal for an Electronic Village Special Event.

Sent on behalf of Sandy Wagner, Past Chair of CALL-IS,

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