Tuesday, November 17, 2009

EXPOLINGUA Berlin International Fair for Languages and Cultures

EXPOLINGUA Berlin is the only international fair for languages and cultures in Europe’s German-speaking region and provides the most comprehensive market overview.

The target group includes all those with a passion for language learning, such as secondary school and university students, teachers, tutors and professors, as well as translators, interpreters, and language travel agents.

More than 150 exhibitors from over twenty countries will present products and services related to foreign-language education at this multinational event. They include language schools, language travel agents, exchange organisers, embassies, cultural institutes, tourism offices, publishers, and language-learning software providers.

The accompanying seminar programme at EXPOLINGUA Berlin is one of the event's principal attractions. In a series of presentations and workshops, experts from the fields of language and culture will focus on current trends.

Seminar Programme 2009
An extensive seminar programme takes place parallel to the exhibition.

The main topics of the seminar programme at EXPOLINGUA Berlin 2009 are:

Mini-language courses
Studying and learning languages abroad
Work experience abroad
Language tests
CALL - Computer Assisted Language Learning
Translation and Interpreting

Over the three days of the exhibition, approximately 100 presentations in the field of languages and cultures will be given by national and international experts. The speakers focus on new aspects of language learning and demonstrate innovations as well as the latest technologies. There will also be seminars especially for teachers.

The seminar programme is free of charge for visitors.
Contact: info@expolingua.com, www.expolingua.com

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