Friday, February 05, 2010

YLT reality check - Challenging changes or changing challenges

To be a teacher of young learners, ranging from age 3 to 17, means dealing with challenges of a changing world in which we learn. Learners and trainers as well as materials developers all have to deal with these changes, too.

How do they do this? And are they successful at adapting to the opportunities and constraints offered by new technologies ranging from blogs to communities and networks, to CLIL and task-based learning and even phonics teaching.

Are we adapting to the changing child?

In this PCE we will have a broad and closer look at examples from these perspectives. By the end of the day you will leave with a clearer idea as to how well we doing as a YLT community.

Once again YLT SIG is bringing you a day that cannot be missed!

The day will be filled with talks and workshops from the following experts. By the end of the day, you will be clearer about how the YLT community is addressing these issues.

Confirmed Speakers

Brian Tomlinson - freelance materials writer
Jamie Keddie - freelance teacher & teacher trainer
Ken Wilson - Drama trainer & author of ELT materials
Nik Peachey - specialist in web based technologies for language learning
Paul Braddock - senior teacher at the British Council YL Centre, Barcelona
Richard Johnstone Prof Emeritus - researcher into ELL
Rama Mathew - Professor of Education in Delhi University

YLT SIG Pre-Conference Event 7th April 2010

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