Friday, March 22, 2013

Supervised Self-Study ESL English Language Programs

Everyone has used a self-study program to learn. A self-study program can be part of an overall program or the entire method of study. A self-study program can be by yourself - with a partner or even a small group.

Self-study is very successful with subjects or skills that require lots of practice or lots of repetions or repetitions with small variations.

Music, sports and languages can all be learned and practiced using periods of self-study to practice and perfect the theory, the skills and the variations.

Schools do not like Self-Study Programs

Think about it. Most "NEW" music and language information takes about 30 minutes. Then the student has to practice for about 5 hours to integrate and perfect the new knowledge. If students only attended class for 30 minutes every 3 or 4 days the schools would be broke. The schools have to charge students for the 30 minutes of new information and the five hours of practice to pay for their expensive rent and flashy advertising.

Schools do not like Self-Study Programs because they can not make any money from them.

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