Saturday, February 01, 2014

Updates to the ESL in Canada Directory

"ESL" is an acronym used to represent "English as a Second Language".

The ESL in Canada Directory has educational articles and links to the many different services and resources that are available for students, visitors and new Canadians to study and learn English as a second language for communication with your fellow Canadians for school, work and personal interests.

The ESL in Canada Directory includes: Canadian ESL English schools programs courses classes lessons free-programs teachers tutors university college high-school career-training vocational-training LINC jobs study-plans education coaching consulting-services resources homestay visa-info newsletters blogs workshops seminars lectures Business-English study-information and advice for individuals, groups, companies, NGO's and government departments.

The ESL in Canada Directory has a City Guide of Canadian Cities such as: Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa. The city guide lists the Provincial Ministry of Education, the City Boards of Education and local education information.

The directory also lists travel to Canada to study and tour information, maps, visa information with over 40 international country guides.

The directory also lists Canada Embassy, Canadian Consulates & High Commission locations to assist international students and visitors travel to canada.

The directory has information about FREE Toronto ESL English classes and the best education and advice may come from Mentors.

The directory also lists: education coaching and career Consulting services for students and teachers and advertizing and agency services for teachers, schools and business.

The directory also contains articles about the "Education Business" examples are: Can your Education Agent honestly help You? - The War between Agents and Schools creates Education Wasteland - Examples of Marketing Costs and Risks.

Homestay is accommodation for international students with Canadian families while studying ESL English in Canada. Homestay can be a wonderful experience for international students in Canada. Go here to read more about homestay in Canada. Students can use the Homestay Registration Form for homestay with a Canadian homestay family.

Education Jobs in Canada information includes: Teacher Tour Program, Education Consultant, Homestay Tutors, ESL English Teaching, Education Coaches and Mentors

Student jobs and job training includes the Work Experience Program. There are specific location and training programs such as the Niagara Falls Work Experience Program.

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