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Agency Services

Agency Services for students to be admitted into 

Canadian ESL Schools, Programs, Classes, Workshops

Please provide student contact information- so we can start to help you:

Full name

Date of Birth

Telephone or text


Full residence address


My English Level is:

I want to study:

Type of School/Program

Please check other items your require:

Student Visa
Work Visa
Education Consulting
Health Insurance

To start a program or have any questions- Please email ESL in Canada

Agency Services for Homestay

ESL in Canada has international students who are requesting homestays.
ESL in Canada also works with some excellent schools with students who are requesting homestays.

Please copy and complete the following Homestay Family description and email to:

Homestay Registration form for homestay families in Toronto, Vancouver, Niagara Falls, Rocky Mountains, Banff, Montreal, Ottawa, PEI, Halifax, Calgary, London, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Victoria, Hamilton, Saint John, Windsor, Canada, North America.

Part 1: Please tell us the type of homestay or student accommodation


Homestay Tutor

Rental Units

Part 2: Please provide homestay registration information

Family Name

Family members


Residence Address

Emergency Contact Number

Email Address

Country of Citizenship


Teaching experience

Other Work Experience

Languages spoken

Dates Homestay Available

Can you be appointed legal guardian for under 18 year old students?

House Descriptions

Neighborhood Descriptions

House Rules

Laundry Descriptions

Meal Descriptions

Phone, TV, Internet Descriptions

Family Activity Descriptions

Prices: 4 weeks Room + Breakfast

Prices: 4 weeks Room + 2 meals

Prices: 4 weeks Room + 3 meals


Any Additional Information

Agency services for English Language Immersion Camps

English Immersion Camps can be designed for Corporations, NGO's, Schools, organizations or interest groups.

The English immersion camps are 100% English Immersion Camp programs which includes the English classes, academic subjects, sports, arts and crafts, activities and performance presentations.

This is an excellent opportunity for any organization or group to provide a high quality education experience for employees, students, contest winners or premium customers.

The English immersion camp programs are designed to meet corporate goals for price or quality.

The teaching responsibilities, schedules, content, activities, tours, and locations can be designed into the English immersion programs.

The camps provide the highest quality certified professional teachers, excellent textbooks and workbooks, integrated activities programs within a proven and effective English immersion program. The Camps provide superior English grammar, pronunciation, conversation, writing, listening and reading skills training.

  • English Camp Programs can be 1, 2 or 3 weeks:
  • Dorm rooms are doubles, quads and sixes
  • Meals are supplied at the student dormitory
  • We require six students to operate an English class at the same level
  • English Language Levels: Beginner 1,2,3,4, Intermediate 1,2,3,4, Advanced 1,2.
  • Tour leaders require a group of 12 students if mixed levels are OK


James McBride, Group program Coordinator
380 Pelissier St,
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
N9A 6V7

Telephone: 647 247 3897

Email: Group programs Office


Ms Shirley Lue, Toronto Homestay Manager,
Toronto Office: 1 (647) 247 3897 

Agency Services for Teachers

Please note we are post-lockdown 2023 and jobs are coming back slowly!!

Please check all positions/information that you are interested in:

I am interested in becoming a teacher and require career counselling.
I am interested in receiving teacher training.
I would like to have a website to promote my teaching business.
I have a website and need advertising to promote my teaching business.
I would like to start an educational consulting agency.
I would like to start or buy a school.

I am qualified for the following positions:
ESL Teacher
Elementary Teacher
High School Teacher
College Teacher
University Professor
Adult Trainer
Education Consultant
HR and Business Training
Business Internships Trainer
Business English Teacher
Test Preparation Teacher
Homestay Tutoring
Summer Camps
Winter Camp
Tour leader

Please provide Teacher Contact information

Date of Birth
Full residence address
Emergency Contact numbers
Email Address
Country of Citizenship

Please indicate which subjects(s) you are qualified to teach.

Basic ESL English skills


Advanced ESL English skills

Accent reduction
Writing composition
Public speaking

Teaching formats

Small class
Regular Class
Lecture hall

Teaching Specialties

High school admission
college board AP
academic preparation

other Test preparation
Business English for company employees
Public school Elementary Subjects
High school Subjects
College Subjects
University subjects
Camp skills and abilities
Other skills, abilities, functions

Please copy the Teaching Registration Information and email to: .

Thank you for your information - We will contact you soon - Have your resume, pictures, teaching portfolio ready.

Agency Services for Advertizing, Marketing Sales

ESL in Canada is expanding the advertising spaces for both Canadian and international advertisers interested in acquiring customers. The Directory and blogs have been online since 1999 and has been viewed by over 27,000,000 unique visitors.  Our post-pandemic re-boot experienced excellent growth of unique visitors and continues with growth in Google SERP positions.

Part 1: Please provide Business Contact Information

Business Name



Contact Name

Business address

Email Address

Business Products

Business Services

Part 2: Please tell us what advertizing services you require:

Advertising in Blogs, Newsletters, twitter, Facebook

Please copy and complete the above information and email to:

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