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ESL in Canada August NEWS
Hello Everybody Hot times in Canada this summer. The temperatures
rose to over 100 degrees in Ontario this year, the first time in many
places where temperatures have been recorded. We had been joking
about no summer this year with several cool days in July. The old
statement "Be careful what you wish for" sounds like good advice.

We have lots of changes in the ESL in Canada website this last month.
We are trying to organize all of the functions and formats we wish to
offer on the website. We will be putting some formats on the website
only and some formats in the newsletter only. The website will be
primarily organized to provide information and explain services for
ESL students and ESL teachers. The newsletter will provide additional
information promoting specials or new programs available at schools.

We will be organizing the school information into program and
facilities information summaries. The priority will be to illustrate
what the students can expect when they choose a school. We will take
the content approach rather than the image approach. We will be
promoting good curriculum, excellent teachers, efficient
administration, organized education resources and interesting student

The schools will be organized into lists of Universities, Colleges,
ESL schools, Vocational schools, IT computer schools, LINC schools,
Public Education, Private High School Education, and Summer programs.

The student information will be organized into: FAQs, Questions to
Ask, Visa information, News, Testimonials, Consumer Alerts, Overview,
How to learn English, Free English Lessons, English Tests, Books,
Videos, CDs. A new section will be Accreditation, what it is and what
to be aware of.

The services for students will be organized into : Free agency
services, consulting services, mail services, Coop & volunteer
programs, language exchange, homestay placements, private classes and
ESL activities, a new program "ESL in Canada Student Card" for
shopping discounts.

The information and services for teachers will be: Tesl training
courses information, overseas job postings, overseas resume postings,
free listings for private tutors in Canada and teacher stories.

We have many projects to work on. The ESL students in the advisor
training program and the coop/volunteer program will be touring
schools to be familiar with the facilities and also to update the
excel charts for the new program facilities formats. We will be
placing extra priorities for volunteers to assist with translations.

We have a request from a few schools, tutors and community groups to
organize some regular evening social events. An event to allow
students to mix in a non-bar scene, practice their English, and talk
with Canadians and fellow students. We are thinking of some contests,
with prizes, some tourism videos of Canada, board games like
scrabble. We are open to suggestions.

This is the information (chart format on website) to be used for the
ESL language schools. We will add comments outlining the strengths of
the schools, and the programs that offer the best value to the

Registration fee Homestay fee Airport Pickup fee
#students winter #students summer %
students under 20 % age 20 - 30 % aged 30 - 40 % over 40
Teach with:
Academic Director
Curriculum for each level, number of levels, initial tests,level tests
Who tests and promotes students
Listening Class
Reading Class
Toefl Toeic Cambridge

Free Workbooks
Lending Policy
Library books
Listening tapes Videos CALL Programs
Cafeteria, Kitchen, TV Movie Room, Handicap Facilities, Activities, Travel trips
Published Refund Policy,
Ratio Student/teach and PC/students
Modern Building
Public transportation Location
Homestay coordinator
Homestay inspections
Homestay refund policy
Notice period
Meal plans

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