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Schools interested in having their name listed can sponsor or
advertise with our new rates. The newsletter is being expanded,
schools interested in advertising can purchase exclusive space in
this excellent format.

Please help keep us current with your facilities and program

School Information
Full time hours ______ Full time price ______
Part time hours ______ Part time price ______
Registration Fee ______ Homestay reg. Fee ______
Airport pick-up fee ______
Refund policy ______ Books inc in price ______
Total students ______ % age<20, <30 <40, >40 ______
Total teachers ______ % MEd. BEd. TESL, 0 ______
# of classrooms ______ Ratio:students/class ______
Internet PCs ______ Ratio: Students/PC ______
Academic Director ______ Program or curriculum ______
Levels taught ______
Pronunciation Class ______ Conversation ______
Debate/Discussion ______ Idioms/vocabulary ______
Business english ______ TOEFL/TOEIC/CAE/CFC ______
Grammar ______ Writing ______
Reading ______ Listening ______ Volunteer/coop
Activities coordinater ______ Activities/month ______
Field trips/week ______
Kitchen/lunch room ______ TV/movie room ______ Student
lounge ______ Handicap facilities ______
# Movies ______ #Call programs ______ # books in
library ______ Lending Policy ______
Initial tests for level ______ English only policy ______
Behaviour policy ______
Type of Building ______ Location ______ City Size

School A1
Located in a modern downtown office building, the class rooms are
bright and offer some of the best views in Toronto. The best feature
is the calm professional environment, warm caring teachers and staff.
Cambridge pass results are the best in Toronto, excellent Toefl test
preparation program. Teachers are dedicated, many have taught in the
same location for several years, all are experienced and qualified.
Good programs for homestay, activities and educational resources.
Discounts for long stay students. Excellent programs for executives
aged 35 and up. Part of a large international chain with 30 years of
operational experience.

School A2
This school is 3 years old, started by a teacher. The prices are
reasonable for the programs offered. They have some excellent
teachers, those classes offer excellent value. The school tries to
provide good value for their students. This is an aveage school with
some programs better than average. This is a single location school.
Their summer program for teens is excellent.

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