Tuesday, October 24, 2006

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We hope all of you are enjoying the summer.

ESL in Canada has been busy developing the advisor program and
international marketing programs. We are developing a network of
coordinators in the larger Canadian cities along with consultants who
can provide real help to international students. We believe the
combination of internationaly located advisors combined with local
coordinators and consultants will provide an excellent support
network for the students.

Our website has smashed well through the 1,000,000 hits level and
continues to expand. We offer a variety of information from the self-
help, and consumer point of view. We are going to start publishing
facilities information using our charts for all the schools. This
will allow students to understand the schools better and reduce
anxiety. Schools will appeal to students because of their size,
location, programs, teachers, quality, specialised nitches or
experience. No single school will be attractive to all students. We
think this will help students make choices and be happier with their

Our website will be expanded in stages as the networks grow. We will
be featuring the internationaly located advisors. Students will be
able to use the website to perform all of the registration process or
meet advisors in person to complete the selection and registration.

We have to request that agency contracts be updated and certificates
of representation be issued so that we can prepare our manuals for
the international advisors. We will be changing our listing formats
so that the schools are not listed by name. The facilities, program
information and comments will be the new format. (examples at bottom)

Schools interested in having their name listed can sponsor or
advertise with our new rates. The newsletter is being expanded,
schools interested in advertising can purchase exclusive space in
this excellent format.

Please help keep us current with your facilities and program

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