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Entering the Politics of Korean Education

The Ministry of Education always seems to be the target of both critical comments and promises to change. When educational consultants really look at the Korean education system it seems like a long ( 6 years of elementary, 3 years of middleschool, 3 years of high school and 4 years of university) process of lectures and memory work designed to cost less, fill time, control students and make life bearable for the teachers who have to cope with 60 students in a class rather than 20.

The Korean Ministry of Education needs more money, the students need more interactive instruction and the teachers need more realistic workloads.

The most reluctant taxpayers in the world seem to be the Koreans. Most Koreans do not understand that cheating on taxes reduces the governments ability to produce quality services such as education. The excuse that government wastes money is not a justification.

There has to be another system in place to raise money and eliminate criminal activities.

The Ministry of Education could raise money through education licenses to improve the public schools, buy more books, computers, hire more teachers, install more modern instruction programs and offer additional teacher training programs for upgrading skills and knowledge.

All private schools should have to pay an annual license fee to the Ministry of Education. Every private teacher should have to pay an annual license fee to the Ministry of education. All licensed private teachers should be able to teach in schools or at businesses or at private residences and be able to be self-employed. Teachers should be able to issue a tax-deductible receipt for the instruction. When all the Korean students demand their teachers be licensed and demand their tax-deductible receipt then many of the illegal practices will be eliminated.

The teaching fees should also be graded based on education, qualifications and experience. For example teachers with a BA get 30,000, an MA get 40,000 and PHD get 50,000 won per hour.

Using this system of licenses and fees would lower the cost of private education for parents and students. This system would inject much needed revenue into the Ministry of Education to improve the public education system. This system would eliminate many illegal teachers and criminal hogwans. Korea would be a much better place for parents, students and teachers.

My consulting fee for this system would be very reasonable and I would issue a receipt.

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