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Archives September 2005 ESL in Canada Camps

Planning for 2006-7 Asia and Canada English Camps

ESL in Canada has taught English, Business English, exam preparation for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge, English for airline pilots, doctors, dentists and other professional special purposes, beginning pronunciation for kindergarten children, levels 1 to 6 for elementary students, levels 7 to 12 for middle and high school students, and a variety of activity and event-related programs. Our corporation has operated a variety of educational projects since its inception in September, 1988.

The Managing Director has been a teacher in elementary, middle, high school and college in the Canadian public system and has current OSSTF and OTC status for 2005. The managing director has taught in Canada, Korea, China, Mexico and the USA and has held positions of Teacher, Head teacher, Academic Director, Dean, Principal and Managing Director with a variety of private colleges or Camps since 1973.

ESL in Canada has interviewed and recommended ESL teachers, developed programs and supervised day-to-day operations of English immersion camps. ESL in Canada has created curriculum, teaching materials and camp programs. We have experienced both good and bad events.

ESL in Canada has formed a new marketing company and directly markets the ESL Summer camps in Canada and the wintercamps in Asia. ESL in Canada now has some excellent Asian partners and sponsors and an excellent group of ESL and activity camp teachers. We believe that our ongoing presence will eliminate a lot of the nonsense that has plagued the camp operations over the last two years.

ESL teachers must have a "real" BA to obtain a Korea C4 visa. The Asian camps will include locations in the Philippines, Thailand and India. The teachers at the tour leader camp locations will be required to qualify for work permits within the local jurisdictions. The tour leaders will need a BA and TESL Canada certificate or BEd.

ESL teachers with experience and specialties in music, theater arts, art, sports and recreational activities and camp experience as a counselor are preferred.

In general ESL camp classes will operate from 9:00 AM to noon then an afternoon class from 1:30 to 3:00 PM. Performance practices are from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Morning exercises, sports activities, movies and tours are before and after the main class times and the supervision is alternated between the teachers. Camp teaching requires long days.

Teachers will fly before the camp for orientation and training. Teachers will be on three or four week contracts. The flights, accommodation and meals are paid for the camp teachers. We will be posting preliminary camp info for the students and prospective students so "teacher" pictures are required.

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