Wednesday, November 26, 2008

English for Finance Workshop

Workshop Objectives

Efficiently improve financial staff's communicative ability in English,

Training the financial staff to apply their financial theory into practice,

Easily understand English financial statements, American GAAP and American FASB rules, American GAAP and tax laws,

Freely communicate with native English speakers,

Accurately write financial analysis reports,

Presentations and answers in English in person and on the telephone

Course Content

This course consists of two parts: the first part focuses on the delivery of American professional accounting in English with a view to improving and consolidating students' professional knowledge while accumulating their financial English vocabulary; The second part concentrates on increasing students' ability to apply the financial knowledge into practice.

This course can be divided into five modules

Financial accounting
TFinancial English writing
Exercise through case
Financial English talk show
when excel meets finance and English

Module one: financial accounting
Financial Statement-Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow?
Interpretation of the core of American GAAP
Interpretation of some rules of American FASB
Interpretation of some key accounting concepts,
The demarcation of Capitalization
Interpretation of SEC regulation
US Taxation In-depth Analysis

Module two: financial English writing
Appreciation of original edition of financial email and thorough dissection
How to write standard and appropriate English
How to write financial analysis report

Module three: Financial English talk show
American office English---Slang and daily expressions
Group discussion on financial topics
Presentation and debate on financial topics to practice students' ability of giving impromptu speech and making statements

Module four: when excel meets finance and English
Standard, professional excel tables
The methods of excel descriptions in Standard English?
English description of the operation of excel
Training courses of describing different kinds of tables in a virtual situation

Module five: Financial Case Aralys is Exercise through a case
Strengthen the foundation of accounting knowledge
Imitate the form of telephone meeting to improve students' ability of Financial English listening and speaking under great pressure
Increase students' writing ability to summarize in the form of written reports


US. Professional Financial English (Act 1) : Accounting Theory
US. Professional Financial English (Act 2) : Case Analysis

Workshop Details
Where: Shanghai
How much: 25000RMB per day
Language: English
Contact: 021 6270 8511


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