Friday, November 28, 2008

Lean Manufacturing Concepts and Principles Workshops

In today's Globalized World, to do it better, faster and cheaper, in one word to "be more efficient" is not a mere objective; it is a matter of SURVIVAL.

Companies who can supply high quality Goods and Services in a very short time and at reasonable prices will succeed and survive.

Lean Manufacturing is a body of common sense concepts and practical tools to continuously improve productivity and quality and reduces the Company's Lead Time.

The efficient implementation of Lean Manufacturing's Concepts requires the proper understanding of the adequate Tools and their rigorous application by a Human Organization which involves every person in the Company.

During this Workshop we will: Explain Why Lean Manufacturing is the Best 21st century Management Model - Present and Apply Lean Manufacturing's fundamental concepts - Present a Summary of the Tools and their benefits

During this Workshop We expect you: Be able to perform Your Own diagnosis - Select the appropriate Progress Workshops - To be able to initiate Your Continuous Improvement


General Information about Lean Manufacturing
Lean Manufacturing Concepts & Principles
Customer's satisfaction
Waste Elimination
KAIZEN State of Mind
Work Autonomous
GEMBA/Shop Floor Management
Improvement Idea Management
Employee Empowerment
Lean Measurement
Deployment of Lean

Lean Manufacturing Tools

Value Stream Mapping/MIFA/MIFD
5S & Visual Management
Quality Basics/Auto Quality
One piece flow & Production Cell
Cycle Time & Takt time
Standardized work
OEE measurement
Pull System/Kanban

Day 1 :
- Introduction :
- Seminar Organization
- General Information about Lean Manufacturing
* Competition, challenges
* LM main concepts
* Characteristics of LM
- Instroduction of Wastes Concept in Lean
- Lean Factory Game : First Run
- KAIZEN State of Mind
- Flow Analysis & Lead Time
- 5S & Visual Management
- Quality Basics
- Takt Time, One piece flow & Production Cell
- Standardization
- Lean Factory Game : Second Run
End of the 1st day 18:00

Day 2 :
- Review day 1 + Q&A
- Cycle Time Analysis
- OEE measurement & Follow-Up
- SMED (SMED Game)
- Pull System - Lean Factory Game : Third Run
- Management perspective of LM
*Concept of management - GEMBA
*Human Production Organization
* KAIZEN Teams
* Improvement Ideas Management
* Employee Empowerment
* Performance Measurement & Management
- Q&A, Conclusions
End of 2nd day 17:30

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