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Spring Workshops for Ontario LINC and ESL Teachers

2009 Peel Halton Etobicoke TESL
Spring Workshops for LINC and ESL Teachers
Thursday May 14, 2009

Placing ESL Methodology in a Broader Context
Presenter: Dr. John Sivell (Brock University)
Abstract: Subject-specific aspects of ESL methodology define the expertise on which our profession is built. However, effective ESL teaching is also an excitingly interdisciplinary endeavour. Thus, Dr. John Sivell proposes to visit a few allied areas that strike him as especially interesting ‘neighbours’ of ESL methodology: culture-general principles of Intercultural Communication; Systems Planning and Ergonomics; and Universal Design for Learning. Awareness of each of these fields can, Dr Sivell believes, not only enrich our practice and enthusiasm as ESL teachers, but also position TESL Methodology within some of the most stimulating movements of 21st century thought. A brief Q&A session will follow.

70 Ways to Keep Them Talking
Presenter: Jacqueline Angi-Dobos
Abstract: 70 ways to keep students of all levels talking (or writing!) A handout summarizing all ideas for each participant, plus demonstrations of at least 10. Bring along your ideas to bring our total to 100! This will be a fast-paced workshop requiring your participation. Candy prizes available.

Closing in on a Million
Presenter: Marg Heidebrecht
Abstract: The number of words in English now totals over a million. What a challenge for our learners. The goal of this workshop is to provide instructors with a strategy to reinforce, use and practice vocabulary that arises in the life/context of each classroom. A tool; the “word wall binder” will be introduced. Sourcing a list of 60 words, recent additions to the English dictionary, participants will engage in a variety of activities. The purpose is to model how ANY list of words can become the foundation for daily and weekly reviews. Participants will return to their classroom with a process for organizing the new words THEIR students are learning. A pocket-sized booklet which contains a summary of the approach will be handed out and can be implemented in the classroom with minimal teacher preparation time.

Integrating Pronunciation into your Lessons
Presenter: Cheryl Richman and Karen Evans
Abstract: Help your learners to improve their pronunciation by integrating it into your daily lessons. This workshop will give you suggestions and universal materials (including games, plays, songs, poetry, etc.) that you can use coincidentally with your current curriculum.

Newspaper in Education – Teaching with the ‘Living Textbook’ Presenter: Andrew Nicholson
Abstract: This high energy, hands on workshop will introduce you to the world of teaching with the most up-to-date textbook; the daily newspaper. Complete with an introduction to a myriad of specially designed teacher guides, you will have the opportunity to experience some of the in-class activities yourself and will be ready to then introduce them to your lesson plans with your students.

Teaching Academic Test Taking with a Focus on the TOEFL Test
for LINC 4-7 Administrators & Assessors
Presenter: Kelly Fitzgerald
Abstract: Do you teach higher level learners? Are your students asking for information about English exams and entrance tests for college and universities? Is your greatest fear that you will be reassigned to teach a TOEFL class? Do you know the meaning of IELTS, MELAB & CAEL? This workshop will answer these questions; a hands on practical introduction to the various popular academic tests. Participants will receive an overview of the four major tests and will have the opportunity to complete several brief portions of some of these tests.

Writing with Structure and Style
Presenter: Jo-Ann Pienaar
Abstract: The objective of this workshop is to highlight the basics of the J B Webster method of teaching students to write with structure and style. In the time allowed the session will cover the use of 6 different sentence dress-ups integrated with 6 creative sentence openers to make writing meaningful and interesting to the reader. This will be set in the context of the key elements of paragraph structure. Participants will be encouraged to brainstorm alternate “dress ups”. They will also write their own paragraph and document based on the principles on which the session is based.

Just Turn on the Lights and Speak
Presenter: Julie Reid
Abstract: As ESL teachers, we focus on meeting students’ needs – but what if a student has difficulty hearing or seeing? This workshop will foster an awareness of the challenges for both the learner and teacher and include practical, easy-to-implement suggestions for teaching, adapting materials, and creating an accessible environment.

4:00 Registration begins; peer networking
5:15 Dinner
6:00 Keynote address: Dr. John Sivell
7:00 PD Workshops (90 min)

How do I register?
Mail your registration form with a CHEQUE (we DO NOT accept cash or credit cards) made out to: P/H/E TESL by Monday May 4, 2009
The mailing address is: Peel Halton Etobicoke TESL, c/o Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre,
1420 Burnhamthorpe Road East, Suite 315, Mississauga, ON L4X 2Z9 (Attention: Maria Ivanova).
Ph:(905) 629-1873 ext. 234


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