Friday, May 01, 2009

Canada Online Work/Study Permit Extensions

International students can now apply online to extend their study permit.

Since a pilot project was launched in June 2008, over 6,000 international students have applied online for an off-campus work permit. Now, international students at over 200 participating educational institutions will be able to apply for an off-campus work permit and confirm their eligibility online.

Since February of this year, international students have had access to expanded online services. Students can apply online to extend their study permit and can also apply for or extend the status of their dependent family members while in Canada.

“We want Canada to be the destination of choice for international students,” said Minister Kenney. “Our new e-Services are yet another way our government is working towards attracting and retaining international students.”

For a complete list of participating institutions, please visit the Government of Canada CIC Web site at :

“We are committed to serving our international students as effectively and efficiently as possible,” said Minister Kenney. “Our new e-Services will facilitate the application process, improve employment opportunities and contribute to long-term integration.”

For example the Electronic Notification System (ENS) allows CIC and educational institutions to exchange information regarding the student’s eligibility for an off-campus work permit. In order to be eligible for an off-campus work permit, students must be studying full-time and have satisfactory academic standing. ENS replaces the current paper forms used to confirm student eligibility.

Another benefit for students who gain skilled work experience after graduation may be eligibility to apply for permanent residency under the Canadian Experience Class.

For further information please contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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